Maypole 6 Mini-Ring Simulator

The M6 is fully transportable and easy to assemble. It is especially useful for teaching new ringers, marketing bell ringing at tower open days etc. and makes bell ringing very, very accessible.

The M6 is a tight fit in the back of my Renault Megan estate car with the tower on the roof rack. It fits comfortably inside an MPV or small van.

The assembly process can be completed by one person in less than an hour, only a small pair of steps/hop-ups is required, and just a few hand tools provided in the kit.

The kit comprises:

  • Dumbbells.
  • Maypole and base.
  • Arms.
  • Detachable table tops.
  • Pulleys.
  • Ropes (Sally colours to your own choosing from our extensive range).
  • Sensors, cables and connectors.
  • Fully painted and varnished.
  • Tool kit, spare fixings, spare leads.
  • Full printed and electronic pictorial copies of assembly, use and safety instructions.
  • Printed Health and Safety Event Risk Assessment proforma.
Maypole Bells 6 person Mini-ring bell ringing simulator. Each sally is a different mono-chrome colour for beginners training.

Your Maypole 6 Mini-Ring will be delivered by a Maypole Bells & Ropes associate, who will demonstrate how to assemble the mini-ring and how to connect the electronics, and show basic ringing techniques and offer transportion suggestions.

Optional Extras:

  • Notebook computer (Preloaded with Abel, Beltower and Virtual Belfry)
  • Bluetooth speaker

NOTE: there is a wide selection of these items available both in quality and price. I’m happy to quote for these or you may be able to utilise your existing equipment.

Contact Trevor to discuss your specific requirements and to get a quotation

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